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 Halo Match-Making

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PostSubject: Halo Match-Making   Mon Oct 25, 2010 6:34 pm

Want to get people together for a "friendly" game of Halo? Do so here.
Fill this out:

Party Leader:
Match Type:
Members needed:

Why fill out the above?
Party Leader:
-So people know who to ask for an invite so they can join in the game.
Match Type:
-Say you want to play firefight, but I rather do Big Team Slayer, well now we know.
Members needed:
-You don't need to fill it so that you have the game to yourself, sine some game mods have a limit. This is up to you to fill out based on your knowledge of the game.

Do keep this in mind; Most people have more than likely moved onto Reach now.
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Halo Match-Making
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